12-Passenger Van Rental NYC


12-Passenger Van COVID-19 Pandemic Low Prices

All Taxes and Fees Included.

$49.99 - 50 miles per day

$79.99 - 100 mile per day

$99.99 - 200 miles per day

199.99 - 300 miles per day

Weekly Rental $549.99 - 800 miles

Weekly Rental $899.99 - 3000 miles

10 Day Rental $1099.99 - 3000 miles

Monthly Rental $1799.99 - 2000 miles

Additional 5% Off for all Essential Workers. Thank you.

If you’re planning to spend vacation or work time in New York, and public transportation simply cannot meet your needs, consider passenger van rental in NYC. As a leader among van rental companies, we offer you and your whole group an enjoyable, yet economical way to get around the city — so you can travel whenever and wherever you want to go.

Vehicles for 12-Passenger Van Rental in NYC

We offer various pricing options; several of our 12-passenger vans in NYC and New Jersey van rental pricing packages come with unlimited mileage!

The 12-person van is requested above all others for vacation trips. The vehicle seats 12 people comfortably and features a very large, dedicated luggage area. Multiple power outlets assure a calm, comfortable ride.

Are you traveling with family or friends? Do you need a vehicle that can accommodate an entire sports team and all its gear? Heading into New York with a few other couples to enjoy a night on the town? Whether you’re on your way to a special event or going on the vacation of a lifetime, a 12-seater van rental in NYC fits the bill.

Begin your journey at one of our convenient Liberty Van Rentals locations. Our staff makes the process to get 12-seater vans for rent as easy as possible. We are here to answer all your questions about rental policies and packages as well as about operating the vehicle. Our goal is to assure a safe and smooth start to your trip.