5-Passenger Cargo Van

5-Passenger Cargo Van

5-Passenger Crew Cargo Van

Model: Chevrolet Express 3500 Low Roof

  • Daily Pricing
    • $49.99 per day with 100 miles included

Unlike other companies, our "Crewgo" vans are plated as non-commercial. No road can stop you from getting the job done. These vans are equipped with multiple power outlets to assure a calm, comfortable ride.

NYC 5-Passenger Cargo Van Rentals

What does a 5-passenger cargo van offer that our other vans do not? These vans are the perfect solution for transporting more than two people plus sizable equipment. Typical uses include a few people moving furniture, contractors moving their crew and gear between jobs, and those in the film industry who need to travel with a basic set and supplies along with the crew.

Choose Liberty Van Rentals for your next cargo van rental in the New York City and New Jersey areas. Whether you represent a business with a crew of more than two or you simply want to move household items along with a few friends to help, we’ll get you the best deal on your next rental. We have the best vehicles, the best prices and the best customer service. What could be better?

This unique cargo van can really help out when two seats aren't enough. Offering the same cargo capacity as a normal cargo van, these extended models also provide an additional row of seating.